Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saving the Date

Considering I spent 4 years studying graphic design the paper products for our wedding are something that keeps me awake at night.
Since our save the dates would be the first thing most of our wedding guests would see relating to our wedding I knew I wanted something fun and colorful. I made a felt heart banner with our wedding date and we recruited my mom to take some pictures of us. We spent two nights visiting places around our town trying to get the perfect shot.
(Warning this is picture heavy)

We started at my parent's farm...

Moved to our town's main street...

Went to a building my grandpa owns...

And ended up at my aunt's fitness studio...
Where we kissed,

And smiled,

Kissed some more

And played around with some hoola hoops.

We finished our little photo session feeling pretty good, we had some cute shots so I went home and started to edit the pictures.
This one became the front runner, it used our date, we both looked cute, and it was a little different.

But it still wasn't as unique as it could be, so I rethought my idea and got to work.

All pictures courtesy of my mom


  1. You guys are so adorable! I am helping my sister plan her November wedding but she didn't even want save the dates! She just wrote the details in people's Christmas cards last year. I blame her practical engineering background.

  2. you two look adorable! your love and fun personalities jump off of the page :-) We just sent our Save The Dates and had photoshoot fun too. I love having all those pictures. Picking the final 4 was hard to do

  3. Hello, I'm Adri. I'm a new follower (: I saw you on Annie's blog.
    I absolutely love these pictures, especially the 4th one! (: