Thursday, April 29, 2010

E(Pic) Clothing

Our engagement pictures are scheduled for this Saturday and I have been stressed out about what to wear. Several months ago I fell in love with some shoes.

The Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon Heart shoes, I don't know if I've ever seen such lovely rubber. Since I don't think my wedding dress will match these babies I decided that they would be perfect for engagement pictures. Always one for a deal I scoured ebay for a pair of these and finally (after a couple of months) I came upon a brand new pair for $69.95 (they're originally $150) and immediately bought them.
I really, really love these shoes but now I'm struggling with what to wear with them.
I bought the Who Wants to be a Frillionaire dress from modcloth which I thought would match the shoes well but it's a little shinier than I thought.

This is what Jus will be wearing:

So, I'm coming to you for some help. What dress should I wear for the modern part of our engagement shoot?
(Commence awkward front yard photo shoot)

Who Wants to be a Frillionaire dress

Black & White one shouldered dress

Red Valentine's Day dress

Coral Bubble dress

Or do I buy this gorgeous Zac Posen for Target dress that also comes in red.

Which would you wear?


  1. I love the last one. I can't believe that's from Target!

  2. I am dying for the Who wants to be a frillionaire dress!!!!! You look fab in it!!