Friday, April 9, 2010

It's a Party After All

Pretty quickly after we became engaged we started getting questions about who would be in our bridal party. Our families & friends kept asking how many people would be standing up with us and who would be the lucky ones.
And let me tell you, this ended up being much more stressful than I thought it would be.
I knew that my little sister would be my maid of honor. She and I fought like cats and dogs as children but in the years since she has gone to college our relationship has turned from fighting sisters to friends.
Other than my sister I don't have many girl friends, I tend to fall out of contact with people when I stop seeing them every day.
Jus, on the other hand, keeps in contact with all of his elementary and high school friends. Jus chose to have his brother, who is 8 years younger than he is, as his best man.
That was where we started, I would have my sister as my MOH and Jus would have his brother as his best man.
And then we tried expanding the ranks.
I added my best friend who lived with my family one summer. She's getting married this June and I am her MOH. Jus added a guy who he has been friends with since high school and who spent a lot of time with us at the beginning of our relationship.
Jus added the two guys he spends the most time with now, and then the three guys he's been friends with since elementary school.
The score was Me-2 Jus -7
I thought about adding a girl I used to be close with but had a falling out with and now have been working at getting back to where we were. I could also ask my aunt who is 7 years older than me and who I see a lot and value her opinion, but is it ok for me to ask my aunt but not her sister (my other aunt)?
Score: Me-4, Jus-7
I could drop the friend I fell out with and my aunt and add 5 of my cousins. These cousins live in Philadelphia, and while I con't see them very often they are all super excited for the wedding and we always have fun when we are together.
Score: Me-7, Jus-7
Our flower girl & ring bearer situation was similar. Jus has 2 little girl cousins, ages 4 & 6; I have two girl cousins, ages 2 & 7, and two boy cousins, both 5; and we have friends that have a 5 year old boy that LOVES Jus. If you've lost count that totals 7. Four flower girls, three ring bearers.
7 bridesmaids + 7 groomsmen + 7 kiddos + Jus + me= 23
That is a boatload of people. Like a huge freaking boat.
SO slash slash slash went our bridal party.
I decided to have my sister as my MOH and my best friend as my bridesmaid. Jus decided on his brother and his friend from high school.
2 bridesmaids + 2 groomsmen + Jus +me= 6
We feel pretty comfortable with where our bridal party is now. The two guys Jus spends his time with now will be our ushers and we'll keep the flower girl/ring bearer situation to just the ones that live in town and we see a lot (2 or 3).
Since making this decision I have felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, it's great to know that only our siblings and closest friends will stand behind us.

Did you have a lot of trouble deciding on your final bridal party?

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  1. Sounds like you have a good team! For us it was either going to be just us or a long list of people. we went with the long list of family and friends because it felt like the best decision for us. 6 bridesmaids + 6 Groomsmen + 4 Ushers + 2 Interpreters + 1 Flower girl + I ring bearer + us = 22 (a boat load)