Wednesday, April 28, 2010

E(Pic) Inspiration

When we met with our photographer to talk about how we could afford photography Jus & I went with a plan. We had a couple of things we were willing to barter with: my parents restaurant could cater an open house for Imagination Photography; we could trade food for photography; or Janie & John could have full control over our engagement pictures. When I mentioned this last one to Janie she got very excited, she's joining WPPI and in preparation of the 2011 WPPI Convention she is anxious to get some photos that are award worthy.
I mentioned that we could do a vintage inspired shoot and Janie got excited. Janie had seen this vintage inspired engaged shoot and was excited by the idea of doing a vintage styled shoot.
both via

One thing to know about me is that I never do anything half way. It's a costume party? I'll be the one winning the prize. A bridal shower? I make mini wedding cakes.
As soon as we had decided that part of our engagement shoot would be styled in a 1940s fashion I jumped online and sent Janie an email full of vintage inspiration.
Here's some of the inspiration I included (Green Wedding Shoes and Ruffled are awesome sources for vintage inspiration).

We still want to have some modern engagement pictures but we'll be shooting the majority of them in a 1940s style.

Would you be willing to have an nontraditional engagement shoot?

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