Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Thing About the Venue

I understand most brides wouldn't touch our reception venue with a ten foot pole. Not only do we have to paint, sand and varnish the floors & rewire the building but it doesn't come with a caterer, chairs, tables, plates or anything else that is essential to feeding 200 people.

But I like to make things hard on myself (and my parents & Jus).

One thing about our reception venue that does bother me is the size, it's 21 feet wide by 160 feet long which is an odd shape for socializing.

Luckily it's the perfect shape for one of my favorite wedding trends, long tables.

I love the elegant, intimate dinner party setting that long tables offer. I love the seamless flow of centerpieces, place settings and chairs.

My step grandma insists that long tables are "unfriendly" because round tables facilitate conversation better. But realistically, round tables only seat 8 people and you don't necessarily scream across the table to talk to the two people on the far side which means you're talking to 5 people. At a long table you'll talk to the people on either side of you, the person across from you and the two people next to that person which is also 5 people. (Like my justification?)

As of now we will be having 4 tables with approximately 50 people at each table, the tables will be divided in the center around a dance floor where Jus & I will sit at a sweetheart table which will be later removed to make some room for some moving & shaking.
I'm really excited to be able to fill the space with long tables. I can't wait to have candles and flowers line the tables.

Were there any problems with your venue that worked out better than you hoped?

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