Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cause the Bride Can't be Naked: The Elements

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I ripped page after page out of bridal magazines searching for my dress. (And of course like a bad blogger I have since thrown all of my inspiration dresses out). I started to accumulate a list of "must-haves" and "heck-nos."

Strapless (preferably sweetheart)

Or one strapped


Or darker


Mermaid or Fit & Flare silhouette


NO pickups

NO beading

NO lacey stuff

HECK NO open back (this is one bride with cleavage and I'm not trying to skip the bra on my wedding day-even though I LOVE them)

No ruching (I get the purpose but it's not my favorite)

And with this list my mom, my sister, my FMIL, & my aunt went dress shopping.

Did you have a crazy list of requirements when you went searching for your dress?


  1. I like the "unique" dress although you would need a huge wedding just to keep up with the dress! It would be fun to wear for a ball, or just to feel like a princess for a day.

  2. looks like a great list! I was engaged for 2 days when i flew to austin on business. I bought my first bridal magazine in the airport. I saw a dress in there I liked. I went to a shop that carried Casablanca. Tried on 7 dresses. Bought a Casablanca dress that looked like my magazine dress but was better. I was in a random shop in Austin and went shopping with a co-worker who is also a bridesmaid. Odd random story but worked for me ;-)