Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On Second Thought

Jus, this is the last time I'll ask, but this time I mean it...Don't go any further, you'll regret it.

When we left off I had ordered a beautiful wedding dress, I went to bed smiling, but I woke up with butterflies in my stomach. A combination of only trying on 15 dresses + only going to 3 stores left me feeling that I had missed out on the experience. I just couldn't say for certain that the Mori Lee dress was really mine.
I called Greta's and asked them to postpone ordering the Mori Lee dress until I could come back and try it on again.
A week later I traipsed back to the bridal store with a true entourage. My mom, sister, dad, two aunts, two little cousins, and BFF/BM Beth tagged along to see me try the Mori Lee again.
When we got to the store I looked around for other dresses that I might like, and while my consultant wasn't expecting me to try on any dresses other than the Mori Lee she was very patient and gave me all the time and help I needed.
I really liked the Victorian details of the first dress.

The dress had gorgeous detailing and the jacket was divine.

We all agreed that it looked like something out of "Titanic" and this dress was one of my dad's favorite.

Everyone agreed that this dress was just a little too plain.

I loved the shape of this dress, the folds of the top with the sweetheart neckline was beautiful.

But again, the pickups/rouching was just a little too much.

I was getting ready to try on the Mori Lee gown again when my consultant brought in a Sophia Tolli dress. She knew that I wasn't crazy about super lacy or a lot of beading but she also thought Sophia Tolli's Ariel might be unique enough for me.
As she was helping me put the dress on my consultant mentioned that the Sophia Tolli was a little less than twice what the Mori Lee dress was. My parents and I hadn't talked about an exact budget but I knew we were still in a good range.
I slipped on the Ariel, stepped in front of the mirror, and immediately started crying. My BFF/BM Beth started crying and everyone gasped.

It was a mermaid cut with SO MANY beautiful details. I was blown away with how thoughtfully designed this dress is. With so many dresses before I felt that the top didn't go with the bottom or that the designer's goal was to throw lots of "pretty" ideas together that didn't necessarily make a gorgeous dress. This dress is satin with a tulle overlay with pearl beading.

Everything about this dress is so delicate, it is elegant, classic, vintage and slightly sexy, I felt like a true bride.
But I was hesitant to say yes, I didn't want to jump the gun again, and with the price increase I wanted to spend time and talk to my parents about it.
We left the store with intentions to come back and when we went back a week later I knew that the Ariel would be my dress.
One of the deciding factors was that the Mori Lee gown would be shortened from the bottom which would mean I would loose some of the beautiful swirly fabric.
There's a plastic stool hidden under the dress

The delicate, lacy trim of the Sophia Tolli gown meant that it would have to be ordered hollow to hem so it would be the perfect length for my short body.
I left Greta's knowing that I would be happy walking down the aisle in this dress, but also knowing that having such a delicate dress would influence the entire wedding.

Did you have a tough time finding your dream dress?


  1. The mermaid one is very flattering. Your waist looks teeny tiny. The one in the first photo makes your bosom look huge! Like Dolly Parton!

  2. HAHA I agree with uglygirl...the first dress makes you look really top heavy...I love the mermaid style that you chose...it's so classy and I love the vintage glam look it offers...I didn't have too much trouble finding a dress and once I found the one I forced myself to stop looking...I am way too indecisive to through more options into the mix.