Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bridal Stress

Stress headache, nervous nausea feeling, & knots in the stomach are not feelings you generally associate with a happy, glowing bride to be, but that's how I've been feeling today.

With less that six months to go until our wedding I have realized that I have a lot of stuff to do.

This morning I was stressed out, we don't have a caterer, I haven't even started looking for a florist, we haven't tasted cakes, there are no wedding bands picked out and the way it stands Jus will be naked at the wedding. And we're not even going to mention invitations.

I spent the morning with a sick stomach but then I took a deep breath, made a list and got to work I know I can't sit around and wait anymore. Once upon a time the wedding was in the distant future but now it's only a couple of months away. So I made a list and got to work (I also went to yoga to de-stress a bit).

Was there a point where you realized you had to get on the planning?

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  1. if you need a florist you should talk to kristines mom she might even give you a discount