Friday, April 16, 2010

Six Months From Today...

...I will wear a white (well, off white) dress, have some killer shoes, be surrounded by all of my loved ones, and become a Mrs.
Holy smokes, saying it that way makes it sound a little scary. We have so much to do before our day and I know that these next 6 months will fly by. I am so excited to marry Jus that I cannot believe how lucky I am.

And now, some little notes for our wedding elements.

Dear DIY projects,
Please don't make me crazy. Please come together easily. Please do yourself.

Dear Invitations,
Please design yourselves, preferably in letterpress. Preferably on crazy thick paper.

Dear Wedding Dress,
Please fit. Please make me look HOT. Please don't fall off of my body on my wedding day.

Dear Shoe Industry,
Please design some kick ass shoes with a 2 1/2" heel. Preferably ivory, but I'll settle for a pastel.

Dear Wedding Dreams,
I have had 6 of you and I am months away. Pleasant ones are welcome but the nightmares need to stop.

Dear Future Caterer,
I know it's a little silly we haven't really found you yet, but we're trying. Please loose your ego and try to do things our way. I know you think you know best but things are going to happen the way I've decided, I promise I'm not a bridezilla.

And now, for the sake of being a little sappy, a little love note to my future hubby.

I love you. Lots & Lots. I know you wish the wedding was tomorrow but I can't wait to spend the next six months planning for the day that will start the rest of our lives together. You and I already have a wonderful life. I love our little family, I love the fun we have together, and I love that you make me a better person. Thank you for supporting me in all of my crazy adventures, I'm lucky to have you next to me for the rest of our adventures.
I love you babycakes.
Love, me

Did you start to feel the pressure at 6 months?

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  1. Dear DIY, please do yourself...hilarious! You'll be fine :)