Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fall-ing in Love

One of the main reasons we decided to get married in our hometown was that I wanted a fall wedding. Fall is maybe my favorite season (I've always had trouble picking, I like summer & winter an awful lot but hate spring). I love the changing leaves, the tasty apples, & the crisp air that makes it perfect timing for a romantic stroll or curling up with your lovah.

I was especially in love with the idea of a fall wedding after seeing Mrs. Cowboy Boot's wedding on Weddingbee.

While dark reds, oranges and browns are pretty the soft romanticism of this wedding was too much to pass up. It's also hard to pass up the fact that the bride is gorgeous, the dress is dreamy, the bridal party is smokin' hot, the ranch is awesome and Tec Petaja shot the wedding (can you tell I'm totally in love with this wedding?)
So a romantic fall wedding it would be.
How did you choose which season to get married in?


  1. Originally, I knew I wanted a fall wedding. I love the colors so much and I figured it would make for some amazing photos. But, once we decided to have the wedding in the backyard of my family's summer cottage, we had to decided against it. It gets so cold up there even by September that it would be impossible to do. I wanted to be able to swim the next day and have bonfires without freezing to death. So we went with June because having at our dream location was more important than the dream season. But I'm still sooooo jealous of fall brides, haha. I love Mrs. Cowboy Boot's wedding too!

  2. beautiful images! We had red bridesmaid dresses too and I love how it all came together.

    We got married in springtime on the beach. But I absolutely love fall weddings. If we ever renew our vows, it'll be under colored leaves! :)

  3. I love fall too! It is my favorite season, however I love all of them, so it was hard to choose.

    My husband and I got married last August, we wanted to wait until it was actually fall, instead of late summer. The problem was, my sister and her husband had to leave to Pittsburgh in the end of August (he's going to dentist school, they couldn't postpone it, and she really wanted to be there.)

    It was cute though, because my husband and I got married the 21st, and then my dad got married the 22nd. It was a good day, even though it wasn't my exact dream. And my sister got to be at both weddings!

    I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful!

  4. Your blog is soo cute! Love all the photographers you have listed. :) They're all so nice. One of my favorites is Danielle Mae ( I used to play with her younger sister when I was little. :) She's simple and fresh.

    Love your blog!

  5. Hi!! I am a recent follower of your awesome blog :-) We're planning our wedding in the Fall too because of the rich colors and crisp air. It is our favorite season for sure

  6. i always wished i could have been married in the fall...but we had to go with winter because that's when our family could make it. yay for fall!

  7. I love her red hair. I think fall would be my pick too...the weather is perfect, the colors just lend themselves.

  8. THESE PICTURES ARE SOOOOOO STUNNING na di love the theme and teh dress and everything.

  9. I always always wanted to get married in September. It's my favorite month and northern WI, where I got married, is beautiful in late September. It was a no brainer.