Friday, April 23, 2010

Cause the Bride Can't be Naked: Going Shopping

As my sister and I looked through the racks of dresses at our first bridal store I started to become a little disappointed. Most of the dresses were not what I was looking for but we gave it our all and started pulling some dresses.

Jus, I am warning you, LEAVE NOW!!!!

The first dress I tried on was Maggie Sottero's Fiorella

I really liked this dress, partially because it was the first wedding dress I put on and partially because it came in oyster. I loved the depth that the darker color added.

Fiorella has a beautiful beaded strap but all of the rouching and pickups were confusing me. I knew I didn't want either but I still kinda liked this dress.
The second dress I tried on is from Maggie Sottero's Destinations collection. My sister LOVED this dress and even though I didn't think it was appropriate for an October wedding I tried it on.
Perhaps if we had gone with our "other wedding" this would've been my dress, but it was too breezy for a fall wedding.
I tried the next dress on because it was different, it was light pink and had more pickups than a county fair.
Clearly, I didn't take this dress too seriously.
Before we left this store I tried on the first Maggie once more. I think part of my feelings for this dress had to do with the fact that it was the first wedding dress I ever tried on. I felt a little magical and a little bridal. I loved the color but couldn't help but feel that the pickups were a little odd, and there was a gathered part that hit me in an awkward spot.
I'm sure this dress looks lovely on someone that is taller, but as a 5'2" bride it looked like I was pooping out fabric.
We went to lunch, regrouped, and got ready to go to our second bridal shop. My sister's best friend had just gotten her dress from this shop and so we had high expectations, but as soon as we walked in my hopes dropped. Every dress looked the same, the attendant barely noticed us (even though I had an appointment!) and there was a dress that looked like this but in white.

Needless to say, I was ready to leave, but as we looked through the dresses once more we found a dress that had the ruffly layers I was looking for.

This dress is a Private Collection and is obviously too small but I loved the fit. I liked that it was a little sexy, a little vintage, a little girly, and a little modern. Everyone agreed that Jus would love the way my booty looked (he's a total butt man).
I've gotta admit, my butt looks SEXY in this dress, but do you really want that much sexy in your wedding dress? A normal dress, yes; a prom dress, yes; a wedding dress, some sex is ok, but does your groom's grandma really need to see this much of your booty?
We headed home a little discouraged, the two shops we stopped by had little to offer, and I had to wonder, would I ever find the right dress?

Were you discouraged after your first dress shopping trip?


  1. i still love that dress. maybe i should go buy it and dye it and wear it as my bridesmaid dress haha

  2. I love the one your sister loves! I guess I come from a place where it never gets very cold.

    The last one is very bootylicious. Reminds me of that scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral when Andie MacDowell is trying on a sexy wedding dress and Hugh Grant makes a comment about how it's off-putting at a wedding when the priest has an erection.

  3. I didnt go dress shopping I just looked through a million wedding mags pulled out all the dresses I liked and went to a dress maker and asked her to help design and make one with all the bits I was looking for, and I must say it has turned out beautifully!!