Monday, April 26, 2010

Cause the Bride Can't be Naked: Going Shopping Again

Step away from the computer, Jus.

When we left off I was feeling rather discouraged. I knew that it was only my first shopping trip and that it would most likely take me several trips to find the dress of my dreams but I couldn't help but wonder if I would ever be able to find a delectable dress to wear down the aisle.
We headed home to drop of my FMIL and decided to stop by one more store. Greta's in known to be the best bridal store in our area. We were an hour away and it was two hours before they closed, we knew we'd be cutting it close but thought we could at least look around before the shop closed.
We hopped in the car and took off (going the speed limit, of course), we arrived without an appointment an hour before the shop closed (bad bride, I know). We arrived at Greta's we were greeted by the owner, she asked to see my inspiration and set us up with an attendant.
She pulled several dresses for me (which we neglected to take pictures of) and then I tried on a Mori Lee Blu dress.

I loved the mix of vintage and modern that this dress incorporates.

Even though I had originally said no beading I loved how the beading on this dress accented my waist and bust.

The sweetheart neckline and lace up back added some sexiness to the dress without being quite as blatant as the previous dress I had tried on. My favorite part of this dress is the swirl of the fabric. I love that the fabric starts at my waist and swirls all the way down my body and onto the train.

I couldn't bear to take this dress off. I felt so incredibly glamorous and loved every moment I wore it.
We ended up staying at Greta's three hours after they closed, Greta herself stayed to help ensure that my questions were answered. In the end my mom looked at me and asked if this was the one, I said yes, we put half down and left with big smiles. We went out to dinner and I couldn't believe that I had found my wedding dress on my first day of shopping.

Did you find your dress on your first day of shopping?


  1. No, I wasn't that lucky - it took me MONTHS of shopping. I've loved following your dress saga!! This dress is super flattering, nice choice!

  2. Beautiful choice! I love the neckline and the pretty!