Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh Shoe-t

(Yeah, I know, corny post title)

In the excitement of ordering my dress my dress consultant asked me what size heel I would be wearing. Since they would be ordering my dress hollow to hem the shop had to send the Sophia Tolli company the exact length the dress needed to be.
The truth is that I'm a really horrible estimator. Sitting in the bridal shop I guessed I probably wore 3" heels normally and that 2 1/2" would be a good idea. I reasoned 2 1/2" heels would be short enough that I could dance all night and tall enough to make me look like an adult.
The reality is that I usually wear at least 3 1/2" heels, I can wear 4" for a couple of hours before I'm ready to ditch them. The other reality is that 2 1/2" heels are really hard to come by, and when you find some they look nothing like what my dream shoes do.
Don't believe me? Here are some options for 2 1/2" heels, and while they are all pretty none of them have the wow factor I want.

The height of my heels has (almost) caused me to loose sleep. Am I going to be able to find gorgeous 2.5" heels or will I have to design my own and loose some drama?

Did you have trouble finding the perfect shoes?

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  1. I am having the heel debate now too... I tend to wear very tall shoes & most of the heels I love are dramatic tall.... but I don't want to be in pain at the end of the night or taller than my 5'9" groom. sigh... keep us posted on what you find!