Monday, May 17, 2010

The 5 Month Mark.

Yesterday was exactly 5 months until the wedding. The day came and went without much celebration other than Jus & I working on some reception decorations (a project I'll share later in the week).
The five month mark felt like crunch time this week. The list of things we need to do is not much shorter than it was a month ago and that fact scares me. This past week I was overwhelmed and had Bridal Brain to the extreme. (True story: I literally forgot to shower on Thursday)
But this week is different. I'm jumping into wedding planning with both feet. We have an appointment to try cake and another to see tuxes. We also got started on some DIY projects and have supplies for others. I feel positive about where we're headed and am excited to marry my love in 5 months.

How do you handle the stress of wedding planning?

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