Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Need a Favor

Almost immediately after we decided to have an October wedding we started talking about our potential favor.
In all of my wedding blog scouring I came to the conclusion that edible favors were the way to go. And of all fall related foods there was one that I knew we had to have.

I loooooooove me some caramel apples. I always try to snag one at our county fair and love to have my little cousin over to make them in the fall.
We're planning to wrap the apples in cellophane, tie them with bakers twine and add a sweet note thanking our guests.
I want to use local apples and dip them the week before the wedding, but my mom is pretty sure that this will stress me out too much and thinks that we should source the apples out. I'm not sure which way we'll go but I'll be sure to keep you posted on our sticky situation.

Do you have ambitious plans for your favors?


  1. So perfect for the fall! I was thinking about this too as a part of our candy buffet. My plan is to spend some time in Sept. making caramel apples for friends to see if it's something I want to tackle week of. (My mom is like yours, she assures me it's a pain & I will opt out lol)

  2. Carmel apples are such a great favor. If I were going to get married in the fall I would have had them for our favors!