Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brighten Up

Earlier this week I was at Target when I spotted something that would be perfect for that colorful, summer wedding I keep planning in my head. (Yes, I am fully aware that we aren't having a summer wedding, I just have trouble NOT planning it. I think I could plan about 7 weddings right now, but that's a whole different post.)
I bought two packs of these mini paper fans brought them home and set to work creating a garland for our living room.
Each fan has a string attached to the back which I hot glued to the top of the fan next to it. I glued crochet yarn on the end without the attached string.

This project took about twenty minutes but I know if I were to make multiple my time would be cut down.
I would love to see these garlands surrounding an outdoor ceremony or reception space. So would someone that is having an outdoor wedding please make these so I can live vicariously through you?

Have you used any of your home decor as inspiration for your wedding decor?

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