Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Craziest DIY Project Yet

I've been working on lots of DIY projects that I haven't shared with you yet but the one that we've been working on lately is pretty crazy.
A couple of months ago I spotted this coffee filter garland and fell in love. I immediately set to work creating a cupcake liner & fabric garland to hang on our headboard.

A little while after I made this I got the idea to make garlands to hang at our reception. If you remember our reception venue has high ceilings and I think it will be romantic to see twinkle lights floating in between fluffy coffee filter garlands.
Fortunately, my parents own a restaurant so they were able to order me a box of 1000 twelve cup coffee filters. I tea dyed about 750 and dyed the rest in red Kool-Aid. I spread them around our kitchen to dry (which took FOR-EV-ER!).
One side of our kitchen (Plus Jack the cat)

And the other half (Don't mind the dirty dishes)

Once the coffee filters were dry Jus & I strung the coffee filters onto crochet string. We try to use 2-4 beige coffee filters for every 1 pink coffee filter, we're also adding a dab of hot glue to every filter so they won't slide around once the garlands are hung.
Half finished coffee filter garland

So far we have made about 6 garlands out of approximately 3500 coffee filters. We're planning to hang them ten feet apart which means we will need about 14 garlands. I can't tell you how excited I am to see our coffee filter garlands hanging in our space all of the hard work is gong to be worth it, I just know it!

Do you have any huge/crazy DIY projects?


  1. That is going to look amazing! Kudos to you both for taking on this ambitious project.

  2. Very Very Very Cool!!! I really like the look of this!!