Friday, May 28, 2010

Life Planning

There are times in wedding planning when you realize that you're not just planning for a day you're planning for a lifetime. A life together in which you will be supportive, loving team.
The fact that you should act as a team is never more obvious than when one of you is unhappy.
For the past three years Jus has been working for some family friends. The situations started out as a dream, Jus worked for three guys that were close in age and fun, for the past six months the situation has turned into a disrespectful, childish situation. The brothers do not treat Jus well, making petty accusations and taking advantage of his good work ethic.
This week Jus hit the wall, after yet another accusation Jus decided to put in his notice. I am so incredibly proud and support his decision 100%.
Unfortunately this isn't the best economy in which to quit a stable job, but when push comes to shove a happy fiance with worth cutting back. And this is where the tough, relationship stuff comes into play.
In two weeks we will be living off of one stable income and one in flux income. The idea of loosing an income is a little scary, but luckily Jus has some odd jobs that will keep him busy throughout the summer and hopefully by the fall we'll having something more stable where the two of us can work together.
In the mean time we've been trying to think of ways to cut back. We're planning on selling a car, which makes sense anyways, considering we don't really need two cars to begin with. My car is newer and there is a higher likelihood that we can make money off of it, unfortunately this is the car I've wanted since I was 16 and it makes me sad to be giving it up after a year and a half. It actually makes me really sad.
But before you think I'm selfish and materialistic, I know we need to sell it. The loss of a car payment will allow us to have money to do some of the things we enjoy doing. We will be working close to each other and will learn to live with one car.
Fortunately my parents are fitting the majority of the wedding bill so our wedding planning won't be too terribly affected, but after all, this relationship and wedding isn't just about being happy for one day, it's about being happy for a lifetime together.

Have you had any radical changes in your life during your wedding planning?

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  1. It can be really stressful to be in that sort of flux but being together and getting through it all will make your partnership even stronger. hang in there!