Monday, May 3, 2010

E(Pic): Modern Inspiration

We knew that we wouldn't be doing our entire engagement shoot in our vintage outfits so we started thinking about what we'd like our modern pictures to look like.
I love the playfulness that props add and immediately started searching for props for our engagement shoot.

I love the way big, colorful balloons look, they add such whimsy and surprise.

We had to cancel our first engagement shoot due to thunderstorms and were worried when we woke up to rain on our rain date too, luckily, umbrellas make for great pictures.

There is no way Jus & I are talented enough to ride a bike like this, but maybe two bikes, far, far away from each other would work.

I'm a big reader and since we've been dating Jus has gotten into reading too.
Photos 1-8 via

I loved all of these options but really wanted something unique, luckily, I'm marrying a man that is able to satisfy my desires and Jus came up with the best idea yet.
Pogo sticks.

I had one of these when I was younger and could just imagine us pogoing throughout our engagement pictures.

Did you have any far flung ideas for your engagement pictures?

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