Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Have a Confession to Make

Sometimes I'm a total jerk to my mom.

My mom and I have a wonderful relationship. We spend at least seven hours a day together during the week and often choose to see each other on the weekends too. Not only do we look alike but our temperaments are almost identical. My mom is truly my best friend.

But wedding planning sometimes brings out my bad side.

My mom is a planner, as soon as she knows the date of an event she is ready to have all of the details flushed out. I am a dreamer and procrastinator, I like to come up with huge ideas and spend time thinking them through.
Throughout our planning there have been many times when I rush to my mother with a crazy idea and every time she has supported me. Unfortunately I can't say the same for myself.
There have been many times when I've told my mom "Oh, that's a cool idea" and she's started asking the questions to make these ideas realities. As soon as she starts asking questions I begin to get defensive. After getting defensive I start to get snappy.
The other day my mom asked about table numbers and after I showed her an idea I had she started flipping through a catalog showing me idea and asking questions. I immediately jumped all over her insisting that I just didn't know what I want.
Obviously this is not something I am proud of. My mom has been nothing but helpful and I've been a big ol' brat. I know part of our disagreements are because of our natures, she wants to get things done while I need to think about them first.
After the first couple of these spats my mom decided to step back and try to give less opinions and more support and I promised to do the same, but I've failed.
So this is my pledge to you, to my mom, and to myself. I promise to be more conscious of what comes out of my mouth. Our wedding is a day to celebrate love, not just the love between Jus & me but all of the love in our lives, and not just one day's love but love that started before and lasts after the wedding.
I am embarrassed that I am at this point, I promise I'm not always mean, I promise I hug my mother far more than I snap at her, I promise she doesn't want to give me up for adoption (trust me, I've asked). But I also promise to work on this, because I love my mom and I want her to enjoy the planning process as much as I do. Our relationship is far more important than wedding planning.

Have you had to check your attitude during the planning process?

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