Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Tale of Two Weddings: Part 2

The more I thought about it the more I wanted a Northern Michigan wedding even though it seemed impractical. But all of the things I was so excited about were stressing me out.
How on earth was I going to be able to plan the wedding of my dreams in 8 months. I would only be able to make the 6 hour drive once or twice before the big day which meant that most of my planning would be done over the phone and email with people I didn't know who offered services I hadn't seen.
The stress was keeping me up at night and I hadn't even started planning the wedding, the more I thought about it the bigger the pit in my stomach got.
So instead of looking at small venues like I had before I started to look at resorts. Even though I had never been excited about having my wedding at a resort I knew this would be an easier option. There would be someone I could be in contact with that had done this before and could organize everything for me. And let me tell you, Northern Michigan is full of beautiful resorts.

Boyne has three resorts in Northern Michigan. My family goes to Boyne Mountain every winter to ski and there are many wonderful Boyne memories I have.

Boyne Mountain is gorgeous in the winter and it's really hard to pass up the adorable pictures you can get on a ski lift.

But the fact remains that a gorgeous snowy mountain in the winter is a big green hill in the summer.
Stafford's Bay View Inn was another possibility. Located in Petoskey, my family passes Stafford's every summer on our way up north.

The Bay View Inn is located right on Little Traverse Bay and can accomodate 250 guests. We could rent the entire inn and have our wedding in their garden on the bay.

As beautiful as it is I don't feel a strong connection to the Bay View, my family and I have never been on the property and it's a little too manicured for my tastes.
The Homestead in Glen Arbor is the resort that peaked my interest the most. The Homestead is both a ski and summer resort that is situated on Lake Michigan among the Sleeping Bear Dunes.
Cafe Manitou is right on the lake and is available in May, June, September & October and seats 50 people.

The Mountain Flowers Lodge Ceremony Site is on the top of the mountain and is available May-October and seat 150 people.

Imagine the photo opportunities with both Lake Michigan and a mountain.
Cute groomsman skipping stones.

Jus waiting for me.

What's that you say? They have a ski lift?

Oh yes oh yes oh yes.
Unfortunately the site fee is $3,900 with a 125 person minimum and 60 rooms must be booked, and excuse me for saying but that just seems like a LOT of money considering all of our guests will be traveling at least six hours.
And ultimately won't someone else be planning my wedding? I mean come on, a girl only gets to plan her wedding once and I don't know if I want to relinquish my control just yet.

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