Tuesday, January 19, 2010


As soon as we figured out where we would be holding our reception we started thinking about where to have the ceremony. Since neither Jus not I really go to church we decided that was out. We tried to think of somewhere close to our reception venue that would hold a lot of people.
We weren't having much luck until I remembered about our friends L & J's house.

L & J are our family's good friends and a couple of years back they bought an old Baptist church that had been transformed to a local theater company's theater and transformed it to their house (they call it The Chouse, which is how I'll refer to it from now on).
Can you spot Jus?

Their living room is now where the sanctuary was. They've transformed the space to a cozy, family home. The Chouse is used for some community events but they've never had a wedding there. Luckily for us they were extremely excited to have our ceremony there.

As soon as we decided to have the ceremony at the Chouse we called J up and went to check the space out. Once we were there we knew it would be the place where we got married.

We'll arrange chairs facing this stained glass window and Jus & I will stand in front of the window to say our vows.
(I promise this isn't selective color, I had to lighten up the picture so much so you could see anything but the stained glass window!)

What's even cooler is that our friend (and Chouse owner) L is going to do the officiating.
So that was that, we had a ceremony venue, a reception venue and an officiant.

Once you started planning did everything start falling into place?

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