Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finding a Photographer: Part 3

Around the same time we met with Jer I got an email from Janie at Imagination Photography. Remember how much I loved her work?
Well, it turns out Janie loved Jus & me as much as we loved her. She was really excited about our wedding, she loved the idea of the second line and wanted to help showcase our hometown. Her email offered to meet with us again in order to help come up with a plan to help us afford her service.
I emailed her back immediately. I was going to make this work. I spent the time between the email and the meeting dreaming up ways we could barter to cut costs.
I went into the meeting as prepared as possible: we could trade gift certificates to my parents restaurant for photography; I could cater an open house for potential brides; and she could do our engagement shoot any way she wanted to just in case there was something she really wanted to add to her portfolio.
When we got to Imagination Photography's office Janie informed us that her second shooter had quit so her husband, John, was working with her again. John has done some work for my grandpa and uncle and we immediately liked him.
The four of us sat down and within fifteen minutes we had agreed to a price that is $1,400 less than what she normally charges. We will be paying $1,500 for an engagement shoot and unlimited time with two shooters and one runner on the wedding day. Janie will edit all photos and we will receive discs with the edited images plus we will have an online album.
But that's it, we cut all of the albums, proof books, and photos. As part of our contract agreement Janie said that she will offer all photos and albums at cost following the wedding.
We ended up sitting and chatting for the next hour and a half and Jus & I left feeling excited. We know that Janie and John will be able to capture all of the moments on our day and are glad that we're able to use local artists to shoot our local wedding.

Moral of the story? Be willing to get creative with your vendors. Think about bartering, ask for a custom package, be open and friendly. You never know what could happen.

And just cause I love you (and our photographer!) so much, here are some more lovelies...


  1. Yay, congrats on finding a photographer! My husband is a big believer in the bartering system, and it's certainly saved us some money!

  2. yay! so excited for you that you got what you wanted at a reasonable deal. so cool!

  3. That is so great!!!! We had to do sort of the same thing with our photog - we booked during an off-time where we got free e-pics, but that just came with the e-pic taking and a folio of 3 photos, no disc. So we x'd the folio and paid the difference for the cost of the disc. We also had to get a no-photo no-album package- just the disc- for our wedding photos... but she is so awesome that it's 100% worth it. You'll be so glad you did this... we also had a great connection with our photog, and she's been the biggest help in our wedding planning, and has led me to 90% of our vendors! Seriously, you did the right thing, and I'm SO glad it worked out!!!!!


  4. She really captures the atmosphere of the favorite thing about wedding/engagement photos is admiring the backdrop. These are lovely!

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  6. oh i love that subway one!! goodluck with the shoot :-)

  7. thought you'd like to know i posted a tutorial on how to make the cupcake wreath on my blog. ps. LOVE your ring!

  8. im happy that things are running smoothly for you!
    this photographer looks amazing!

  9. SO HAPPY to hear you got her! That's amazing. I can't wait to see pictures:)

  10. love these photos... very romantic!

  11. Yay that's totally awesome! Your pictures are sure to be amazing!

  12. hey girl lovely post. guess what!! my aunt got the guitar lamp at hobby lobby!
    and i did a how to on todays post!
    DIY project up!

  13. That is so awesome, good job! The pictures are awesome too!