Monday, January 25, 2010

Finding a Photographer: Part 1

After getting some quotes back from photographers I realized we needed to start looking closer to home. Unfortunately most of the photographers around our home town are not what I was looking for.
Luckily, my aunt turned us on to Imagination Photography, after browsing through their online albums I was ecstatic. Here was a talented photographer right in my hometown. I emailed them immediately and received a response saying that they weren't accepting any more weddings for 2010.
I was broken hearted, I just knew this would be our photographer, so I wrote them an email including a little name dropping and a little begging (I know, shameless), and it worked! Jus & I met with Janie from Imagination Photography and we clicked.

I know you're anxious to see some lovelies, so here goes:

Jus & I (okay, I) were so excited. Janie got our vision, she was excited for our second line and knew why we were trying to incorporate our hometown as much as possible.
I was super excited to report back to my parents, I knew they'd be happy with the reasonable prices, I was just sure they'd give me the A-OK.
Turns out, my wedding blog obsession had influenced my idea of "reasonable." After getting quotes of $5,000-$12,000 I thought $3,000 was a drop in the bucket, especially when it included a second shooter. My parents, who are footing most of the bill, did not see this as reasonable.
While my parents appreciate good photography they were blown away by the prices, and when it came down to it photography fell pretty low on the list of wedding needs.
So I wrote Janie an email letting her know that we wouldn't be able to afford her services and started the photography search once again.

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  1. love those pictures. I thinking finding a photographer would be the hardest part for me bc to me the pictures are the most important.