Sunday, December 20, 2009

Introductions all around

Hi, I'm Cole, a 24 year old from northern Indiana.

This is Jus, my fiance.

We're planning our wedding for October of 2010 in our hometown. We'll be DIYing a lot of projects and trying to use as many local vendors to help our wedding become a great expression of ourselves and our love for one another.
Along the way I'll tell you about our planning, projects and life. I'll probably throw some bits in about our dogs too so here's a short introduction.
This is Layla, our rescued mutt, who loves Jus almost as much as I do.

And Edie Sedgwick, our Bassett Hound puppy, who is pretty spoiled and pretty crazy.

So that's a bit about us, I'll expand more later, I promise.
But won't you join us on this ride that's a little crazy, a lot of fun, and full of love?


  1. You two look like an adorable couple. What a fun engagement story.

    I found your blog of Weddingbee- I am an October bride too :-) looking forward to following your blog

  2. awww how cute!! I love your pups!

    Welcome to the blog world!